Preparing your environment


The Singular Widget SDK requires a local installation of Node.js. Download it from

This document describes how to install singular-cli. For details about Singular's other CLIs, singularwidget-cli and singularapp-cli, see and

Installing the Singular CLI

After installing Node.js, open a console and install singular-cli by running this command:

npm install singular-cli -g

After the installing the CLI, console commands to create and deploy Singular widgets and apps will become available.

The create commands serve to clone the Singular boilerplates into a specified folder.

The deploy commands check, package, and upload your widget or app code to Every widget and app is identified by a unique deploy key. Generating a deploy key is covered here.

Create Singular widget boilerplate

singular createwidget <folder name>

Deploy a Singular widget

singular deploywidget <folder name>

For more information about the CLI see

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