UNO reference

UNO Overview

Each template in the UNO is designed to do one thing and do it brilliantly.

In contrast with Studio's playlist-centric operation environment, UNO template interfaces have optimal operation environments for single overlays (i.e. a soccer scorebug or countdown clock).

User interface

Output window

Control panels


The customize panel allows you to customize pre-defined elements of an overlay's style. These properties vary with each overlay but frequently contain color and effects settings.

UI layout

The UI layout panel contains two types of modifiable properties: settings and number of panels.


Number of panels

  • Number selector: where you can select the number of visible panels. Auto displays the number of panels based on operator screen size.

  • ENTER FULLSCREEN: pushes the UI into fullscreen mode.

Various unique control panels

From left to right:

  • Output URL: Final overlay/graphic output for use in production software like OBS.

  • Control URL: URL to access the control interface of the template. It can be used in OBS to dock the interface.

  • Access token: Advanced token for external software app access.

  • API description: Information on the API.

  • Help article: Unique template support article.

  • Expand/collapse output window: Hide or show output window in the UI.

Going live

Copy the output URL in the menu and paste as a browser layer/source into the production software of your choosing or use in API calls.

Using on mobile

Copy the control URL and send to your mobile device for control.

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