Dashboard reference

Introduction to the Dashboard

Below, you'll find descriptions of the six main areas of the Dashboard, including:

1. Platform toolbar

The platform toolbar provides access to your subscription status, Singular Support, and the user menu, which contains settings, the output manager, and the data stream manager.

2. Main panel

This is where you can view all of your assets. You can organize them into folders for easy access.

3. Main panel filters

These filters allow you to search for and sort your assets within the main panel.

4. Dashboard inspector

The Dashboard inspector displays info about the assets in the main panel. It is useful for getting IDs and asset URLs, changing asset thumbnails, and viewing asset details like creation time, updated time, and more.

5. Navigation panel

This is where you can navigate through your Singular assets.

6. New menu and templates

The new menu is where you can create and upload a variety of assets. Templates contains overlay templates for live shows, including sports, news, education, and more. It also includes resources like composition scripts, compositions for learning advanced widgets, and more.

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