Widget SDK

The Singular Widget SDK is a JavaScript library that allows you to develop your own widgets and extend Composer's functionality.

A widget is like a small web page hosted in an iframe that can connect to external data sources and manage and update its HTML elements. Using this SDK, you can write code in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and leverage your preferred libraries to build powerful and intuitive widgets.

The Singular Widget SDK provides classes and methods to manage initialization, data updates, and animation states.

What can you do with Singular widgets?

Singular widgets are versatile. Among other things, you can use them to:

  • Visualize content

  • Access external data sources and data service

  • Manage instances of widget compositions

  • Define internal animation logic

  • Send and receive messages to a composition script

If you're new to JavaScript and web development, check out these resources to learn basic concepts and techniques.

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