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Preparing your Environment


The Singular App SDK requires a local installation of node.js. You can find the latest documentation on node.js and download it from

Installation of the Singular-cli

After the installation of node.js, open the console and install the latest Singular-cli.

Following cli’s are available:

cli Description
singular-cli Install this cli, if you want to develop Singular Widgets and Singular Apps

This document describes the installation of the singular-cli. For specific details about the singularwidget-cli or singularapp-cli please refer to or

Install the singular-cli by running this command

npm install singular-cli -g

After the installing the cli, console commands to create and deploy Singular Widgets and Apps will become available.

The create commands serve to clone the Singular boiler plates into the specified folder.

The deploy commands check, package and upload your Widget or App code to Every Widget and App is identified by a unique deploy key.

How to generate a deploy key, is covered in the section Creating a Singular App.

Create Singular App boiler plate:

singular createapp <folder name>

Deploy Singular App:

singular deployapp <folder name>

More information about the cli’s: