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Build Singular native Apps for desktop and mobile devices!

The Singular App SDK is a JavaScript library that makes it fast and easy to create web control applications that integrate with the Singular cloud platform. You write code in modern JavaScript, HTML, CSS using your favorite libraries.

If you're new to JavaScript, check out the sources below for JavaScript courses and references:

The Singular App SDK provides classes and methods to manage compositions and outputs, read and update content, and trigger animations. You also have access to the Singular built-in dashboard browsers and fill-in forms and can access data sources using JavaScript libraries.

What can Singular Apps do?

Singular Apps are versatile. Among other things, you can:

  • Import to and remove compositions from app instances.
  • Read, update, and reset control nodes.
  • Read the composition structure.
  • Trigger animations of subcompositions.
  • Use custom or Singular built-in fill-in forms.
  • Access external data sources and data service
  • Use the storage object to save content and synchronize content between app instances opened multiple times.