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Singular DevDocs Portal

Last update: June.2021

Important Update Information!

The Singular release March 2021 includes functional updates, additional features for Professional and Enterprise subscriptions, and important API enhancements.

Please read the documentation of the Singular REST API and Data Stream API v1.0 carefully, especially the section describing Rate Limits!

The Singular Developer Portal describes the Singular APIs, SDKs, explains features, presents sample code and contains additional relevant information for developers.

The REST API v1.0 has an open REST API which provides functions for all aspects of the platform including data integrations and controlling Compositions. This section describes the REST API calls and the JSON data formats used. You can use any HTTP based library to access the REST API. The examples herein show requests and responses used in curl.

Singular App SDK

The Singular App SDK provides JavaScript libraries to access Singular devices, update content and control animations of compositions loaded into this web channels. This section describes the process for developing Singular Apps.

Singular Widget SDK

The Singular Widget SDK provides JavaScript libraries to access composition properties, control and data structures. This section describes the process for developing Singular Widgets.

Graphics SDK

This is the former Player SDK. JavaScript library to embed Singular compositions and App output URLs into web pages, apps or applications. The Graphics SDK is used for client-side integrations and provides functions to control the local Singular graphics output.

Singular Overlay SDK

The overlay SDK is a JavaScript library for integrating the Singular Graphics output into video players.

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